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Welcome to the Opera

The 2017/18 season has just been launched


Bergen National Opera

As a flexible and adventurous company working with highly imaginative creative teams, BNO brings fresh eyes and ears to standard repertoires. We also premiere great international operas previously unperformed in Norway, along with a startling range of new projects that appeal to all ages.

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Telt Uten Modell Presse Lowres

Mimi Goes Glamping

"When the event catches on more widely, they might well have to kill for a ticket" - Opera Now

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Opera Pub Vizerskaya Web

Operapub at Chagall

Join us at Chagall on the first Wednesday of the month - either just enjoy listening or sing along!

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Opera Bobler Lady Sea Term

Opera at Grand Terminus

Enjoy great culinary experiences while listening to fabulous opera classics, performed live by top Norwegian singers.

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Children and young adults

Through the talent program Young Voices, Bergen National Opera guide young opera artists at the beginning of their career.

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Messias Program Nett

Händel and humanity

In Grieghallen´s basement rehearsal room, figures in tattered grey sing Händel as they shuffle towards a table where soup is ladled from a vast battered pot.

Slossing Blogg

Il Turco in Norwegian

Mary Miller reports from Il turco in Italia, where rehearsals are taking a turn for the glamorous.

Slossing Blogg

Il Turco in Norwegian

Razzle-dazzle, high kicks and general mayhem... Mary talks us through the plot of our most glamorous opera to date!