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BNO Board, Representatives and Founders

The Board, Representatives and Founders of Bergen National Opera

Harald Victor Hove, Chair
Tom Remlov
Oddmund Søilen
Anne-Kristine Øen
Kjell Håland
Herta Denise Langridge Mellion
Odd Halstensen


Eivind Hermansen
Sara Hamre Sekkingstad
Frode Skadberg Thorsen
Beate Mordal
Håkon Matti Skrede

Previous chairs of the Board:

Trine Kolderup Flaten (2015-2016)
Tom Remlov (2014-2015)
Egil Herman Sjursen (2009-2014)
Pål W. Lorenzen (2005-2009)


Daniel C.E. Hägglund
Geir Kjell Andersland
Lubna Jaffery
Egil Herman Sjursen
Bente Hartvedt Ringstad
Agnar Langeland


Grieghallen AS
AS Den Nationale Scene
Festspillene i Bergen
Stiftelsen Musikkselskapet Harmonien

For further information please contact info (at)

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About us

As a flexible and adventurous company working with highly imaginative creative teams, BNO brings fresh eyes and ears to standard repertoires.

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Production Rentals

Bergen National Opera has several critically acclaimed productions available for rent.

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A big thank you to our supporters and partners for their generous contributions, which make it possible to experience outstanding opera in Bergen.