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This Evening's Performance Has Not Been Cancelled

Free entrance
Premiere: 31. May 2020 Running period: 31/05 - 02/06

Did you think streaming was a new phenomenon? Discover the 1881 Theatrophone in 2020 format!

When the Theatrophone emerged in the late 1800s, this new and fashionable way of listening to opera soon gained avid supporters. Music loving Victorians, King Luis I of Portugal and the famous French writer Marcel Prost would all listen remotely to live performances at the Paris Opera via the Theatrophone. Now, you too can connect to operas all over Europe, when Bergen National Opera invites you to reach for your phone and dial in to the audio art project THIS EVENING'S PERFORMANCE HAS NOT BEEN CANCELLED.

The 2020 update includes more than a wireless connection. As you dial in you meet real people on the other end: a singer, director, costume designer, make-up person, etc – all closely related to an opera which has been cancelled due to Covid-19. You may also choose to listen to an aria, link to the special website, or hop between opera houses.

You can connect to all kinds of opera houses across Europe, find out about their operas, and how they built those performances which cannot go on stage right now. Phone the special number for the call center, choose your country, and talk directly to the usher, then choose what you would like to do next – hear a singer, listen to the director talk, hear about the design – or connect to the special website content, where you will find more information and stories from life "backstage".

The Scottish artist Zoë Irvine primarily works with sound, voice exploration, field recordings and the relationship between sound and image. She is also a sound designer and lecturer in sound for film. Her fascination for telephone-based work has also been explored in the art projects Your Voice is You (2015) and DIAL-A-DIVA (2005).

THIS EVENING'S PERFORMANCE HAS NOT BEEN CANCELLED will take place at the Bergen International Festival 31st May and 2nd June 2020. Our two other projects at the festival, Salome by Strauss - the opening concert, and Future Opera, are both cancelled due to Covid-19. After the festival this performance will be part of the program at Holland Festival in Amsterdam.

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31/05 Sunday 19.30
Free entrance
Free entrance
02/06 Tuesday 19.30
Free entrance
Free entrance