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Anna Schulin-Zeuthen

Anna Schulin-Zeuthen is stage director for the Bergen-version of The Merry Widow spring 2022.

Anna Schulin-Zeuthen (born 1988) is a Danish director of theater, performance art and film. As an director, Schulin-Zeuthen has a penchant for archetypal and mythical structures, and a clear interest in directing actors. She strives at the same time to portray people mercilessly and with great tenderness for the delicate and seriousness of human existence.

Schulin-Zeuthen is trained as a director from Stockholm University of the Arts to be able to move freely between different media. Here, in addition to performing arts and radio drama, she created a series of experiments with documentary and short fiction, and has since led stage productions and leading virtual reality and motion capture productions.

She has also worked as an assistant director the Royal Theatre’s Old Stage, the Royal Play House and the Royal Opera House in Copenhagen, as well as on feature films and as a casting director for e.g. the Danish Broadcasting Cooperation (DR), Nimbus Film and Nordisk Film.

March 2022