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Carmen Ketevan Nett
Running period: 31-31/12


Carmen is one of the most performed operas in the world, but what happened after her brutal murder? Bergen National Opera’s new film ‘Obsession in isolation’ is a murder mystery set for our times.

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LCDT4 1500x1000 nett
Running period: 01-01/01


Mozart’s last opera holds some of his most extraordinary and emotional music. See the recorded performance here!

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Animation Web
Running period: 01/12


Bergen National Opera launches Norway's first point-and-click game for all ages that shows in a playful way how an opera is created.

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Eva B Landro Lang Nett Turkis Bw
Running period: 24/04


Mezzo-soprano Eva B. Landro presents her favourite songs in an exclusive concert at the Bergen Library. With Ellena Hale on piano and three guests.

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Opera Pub Bw Pink
Running period: 02-02/06


Join us for an informal night out at USF Verftet in Sardinen - either just enjoy listening or sing along!

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Siste Kapittel Banner Bno 1500X1000
Running period: 19-19/06


Welcome to the opening concert of Last Chapter - a two-day cultural festival for all ages, which celebrates the last chapters of life and aims to challenge stereotypical perceptions of old age.

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