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Cantabile - The London Quartet

The London Quartet is one of Britain's great vocal groups, and is now visiting Norway for the first time.

Cantabile – now known to many as The London Quartet – have long been recognised to be one of Britain's great vocal groups. Founded in Cambridge as a purely a cappella student ensemble, they first came to prominence in the Tim Rice musical Blondel in London's West End. Since then, they have appeared in a huge variety of venues, singing programmes encompassing early polyphony, jazz and contemporary music. They recorded eighteen albums, and have toured extensively, from the United States to South Africa to Southeast Asia and the Far East. They have sung in the most prestigious venues for the most prestigious clientèle, including Buckingham Palace for Her Majesty the Queen.

Cantabile/The London Quartet have recently been on tour with their show Full English Brexit! – a tour which they thought would end in March, then April … but which bizarrely still seems to be going on and on.

This will be the London Quartet’s first appearance in Norway, where they will be joined by Edvard Grieg Kor.