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Oleg Vainshtein

The award-winning Russian pianist Oleg Vainshtein is a soloist as well as chamber musician and teacher.

Oleg Vainshtein was in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) and studied at the Rimsky-Korsakov Music College in his hometown. After the his post graduate education Oleg was invited as a teacher on piano faculty. Now he combines his teaching in it with the concert's practice. His students have been awarded a number of prizes in different international competitions.

Oleg Vainshtein was the 1st prize of the 4th International piano competition ""Adilia Alieva"" (Gaillard, Geneva, 2004) and the 5th prize of the 6th European Chopin Piano Competition (Darmstadt, Germany, October 1999) Oleg gave concerts in France, Germany, Poland, St. Petersburg, Khabarovsk, Nigniy Novgorod and Moscow. He played as soloist with Honored Academic orchestra of Saint Petersburg Philharmony (conductor Leo Kremer), Saint Petersburg State Conservatory orchestra (conductor A. Sladkovskiy) and also took part in the productions of Mariinskiy Opera Theatre as a solo pianist under the direction of Gergiev.

Oleg Vainshtein also gives a lot of attention to chamber music and has been performing with such famous partners as singers Irina Vasilyeva, Sergey Zykov, and Vladimir Alexandrovich, the cellists Dmitriy Khrychev and Alexey Vasilyev – as well as ensembles like the Atrium quartet, and the Expromt quintet.

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