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All about my family

All about my family

Playing period

17 - 18. January


Fana Kulturhus

Playing time

1 h 20 m


150 - 300 kr

A brand new opera for and by teenagers.

They thought they were the perfect family ...

Meet the Matsens, a decent, slightly high-minded Bergen family with hard-working parents and pleasant, cooperative teenage children. Enter Simon, the furious 17-year-old they decide, in their goodness, to adopt, and who wakens in this domestic order a force which will shake it to its roots.

Sondre Lerche and young libretto talent 

Astrid Luisa Niebuhr (19) is a gifted young writer from Bergen. She has written the libretto to All about my family and has also published three fantasy books. The music is compoased by Atle Halstensen and Karianne Jæger with additional material provided by the great Bergen-born singer/songwriter Sondre Lerche. Developed through a series of workshops, the opera includes 15 young musicians from Ung Symfoni.

Atle Halstensen, Karianne Jæger and Sondre Lerche / Music Tyrone Landau / Musical arrangement Astrid Niebuhr / Libretto

Kjell Seim / Conductor Pernille Elimar / Director Jan de Neergaard / Scenography and costume design Patricia Pawlik / Choreography Kristoffer Nielsen / Light design

Anton Ljungqvist / Father Ann-Beth Solvang / Mother Trond Gudevold / Grandfather Anne Sofie Skålvik / Katharina Anna Theresa Torgersen / Eva Gustav Navas Hasfjord / Daniel Stian Økland / Simen

Choir: Martina Starr-Lassen, Karin Marie Berntsen, Lasse Økland, Johannes Moldung, Susanna Yttri Solsrud and Annette Berning Håkon Matti Skrede / Choir master

Orchestra: Musicians from Ung Symfoni

Selected dates

17/01 Friday 19.30
Play ended
Play ended
18/01 Saturday 17.00
Play ended
Play ended
18/01 Saturday 19.30
Play ended
Play ended