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It´s all true

It´s all true

Playing period

10 - 11. March




150kr - 200kr

4 electric guitars, 2 drum kits, and 1000 hours of live archive from an iconic American post-hardcore band aren´t everyday ingredients for an opera.

But then Object Collection from Brooklyn, New York, aren't an everyday opera company. Borealis 2016, in collaboration with Bergen National Opera, is delighted to present the World Premiere of Object Collection's new work.

IT'S ALL TRUE.   Rooted firmly in New York's experimental theatre and music scene, with Robert Ashley and Richard Foreman as their spiritual forebears, Object Collection present an entirely radical fusion of composed music and theatre.

IT'S ALL TRUE captures the energy of the mid-90s musical underground, translating the chaos and potential of the music, the performance and the politics in a work that is precisely planned, rigorously executed: the quick inhale before the revolutionary break, frozen in amber.

IT'S ALL TRUE will teeter at that moment of indescribable tension before an event occurs, while simultaneously caught in its perpetual reverberation. Is the revolution about to occur? Or did it already happen and we just missed it? The piece will locate the exact moment of dislocation, that agitated state that surrounds the moment of impact, and lingers there-never reaching catharsis and never released from it.

IT'S ALL TRUE will ignite in this ecstatic peak of limitless potentiality, where anything is possible yet nothing has happened.

Alongside two performances of IT'S ALL TRUE, in collaboration with Bergen National Opera, Object Collection founders composer Travis Just and director Kara Feely will be joined by members of the Norwegian music and theatre world to discuss the "Opera's Brave New Future" in a festival symposium open to all.  

Selected dates

10/03 Thursday 21.00
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11/03 Friday 19.00
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