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Mimi Goes Glamping!

Mimi Goes Glamping!

Playing period

19 - 21. August

Playing time

3 d

TICKET SALES AT THE DOOR ONLY. WELCOME! "When the event catches on more widely, they might well have to kill for a ticket" - Opera Now

Opera Now rolles 5 on the dice for Mimi Goes Glamping!

"Whether it's "Yoga to Puccini", "Jogging for Divas", or "Arias on the Fjord", opera is at the heart of Mimì Goes Glamping, an action-packed opera activity festival set amidst stunning Norwegian scenery"

Bergen National Opera´s exciting Mimi goes Glamping festival grew out of creative thinking: if rock music in a a beautiful setting could produce festivals like the UK´s Wilderness or California's Coachella, why not do the same with opera?

So we teamed up with our colleagues at Åmot Operafarm and built a programme of opera, masterclasses, gorgeous food and produce and all kinds of intriguing activities in nature. Audience and press went wild "when the event catches on, they may well have to kill for a ticket" said Opera Now magazine.

For August 2016, the plans are for more fun: an new chamber opera Mrs Mozart which looks at the composer´s erratic life through the eyes of his soprano wife - and mother to a gaggle of small children - masterclasses for young singers, an opera gala, a focus on Norwegian tapas with glorious local ingedients (think farm-smoked salmon and homemade cheeses) tai chi by the fjord, tea concerts, nature photography classes, delicious dinners with best-loved arias and late-night jazz round a hilltop bonfire.

Artists and audience mingle all weekend, and while you´ll meet top singers, chefs and BNO´s opera team, you also have the chance to hear emerging stars - young singers - the Mimis of the future. Go glamping, take your own tent, or be a softie in a B&B. Don´t miss the chance to experience beautiful Norway and a festival like no other. 

For more information on the festival visit PICTURES FROM MIMÌ GOES GLAMPING - 2015:

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Selected dates

19/08 Friday 00.00
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20/08 Saturday 00.00
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21/08 Sunday 00.00
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