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Operapub at Bergen international festival 2016

Operapub at Bergen international festival 2016

Playing period

04. May 2016

Join us at Festplassen 1st June when we have been invited to join Bergen International Festival! The OperaPub will take place in the tent called Metadonten.

Bergen National Opera's OperaPub takes place the first Wednesday of the month, and has been a success since it first opened in 2013. At the OperaPub you get to listen to opera close up in a relaxed atmosphere. The singers are students, choir memebers, visiting soloists to BNO and Bergen.

In addition to opera you may hear a hit from a muscial or test your knowledge in the infamously difficult opera-quizz...

This is an informal night out for opera lovers and a chance to hear emerging talents. Free entrance!

Video from the OperaPub
Rushana Brandanger, Marko Erdevicki and Dragan Vlku perform a traditional Russian song:

Selected dates

04/05 Wednesday 21.45
Play ended
Play ended