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Prison opera: Trollet på Fantøya

Prison opera: Trollet på Fantøya

Playing period

10 - 10. December



Playing time

50 m


200kr - 400kr

A real Norwegian prison fairytale, with a twist: employees and prisoners take part in an opera, for the first time ever!

The story tells of the corrupt Rike-Per Kremmer ("Peter Monger the wealthy"), his adopted son, and a scary big troll; Murmartinstein, who knows the answers to all the questions in the world. The troll has captured a princess, who eventually will help the boy to defeat Rike-Per … and all ends happily.

Bergen National Opera, director Tom Guthrie and chorusmaster Håkon Matti Skrede will work with members of the prison community and its employees to build an "eventyr" opera based on folk music and songs. Three main soloists and members of the community will combine, with smaller additional roles and chorus. It will be accompanied by piano and hardanger fiddle.

"Thomas Guthrie is hot news. His imagination knows no bounds" - OPERA NOW

Tom Guthrie - Director
Håkon Matti Skrede - Choirmaster

Selected dates

10/12 Saturday 12.30
Play ended
Play ended
10/12 Saturday 14.30
Play ended
Play ended