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Die Fledermaus

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Die Fledermaus

Playing period

09 - 15. March



Playing time

2 t 40 min


150 - 900

Die Fledermaus is a celebration of life, love and joy - and the music is a party in its own right!

Do you remember when The Merry Widow 2.0 wreaked havoc in Bergen? We are very happy to welcome back the award-winning Danish author Adam Price, famed for the TV series Borgen, now as scriptwriter for our new production of Die Fledermaus!

It's all about love and revenge in what turns out to be a complicated day in the life of nobleman Gabriel von Eisenstein. He is about to serve a short prison sentence for defamation, but is persuaded by his friend Dr. Falke to first join a lavish masquerade ball at Prince Orlovsky's mansion. Dr. Falke however has a cunning plan. At the party he intends to take revenge on a practical joke played on him by von Eisenstein, who once left him drunk and dressed up as a bat, to the amusement of the whole town.

Adultery and disguise are the main ingredients in this well-planned revenge, which soon turns out to be a bad combination for both von Eisenstein and his wife, who both have skeletons in the closet when it comes to certain marriage vows.

Die Fledermaus is a celebration of life, love and joy - and the music is a party in its own right! Johann Strauss d.y. was a masterful composer, and his characteristic waltzes and operetta melodies flow throughout the piece. The music creates an atmosphere of pure joy and romance from the catchy overture to the glorious arias and harmonies of the orchestra.

The operetta you'll experience in Grieghallen has the same funny storyline but with Adam Price's new script, in which the setting is moved from Vienna to Oslo and Bergen.

Operetta in three acts

Johann Strauss d.y. / Music
Karl Haffner and Richard Genée / Libretto
Adapted by Adam Price, translated to Norwegian

Alfred Eschwé / Conductor
Håkon Matti Skrede / Choirmaster

Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
Edvard Grieg Kor

Sung and texted in Norwegian
Duration: Approx. 2 h 40 min, including 30 min break

Introduction one hour prior to the performance in the foyer (2nd floor)

A new production by Bergen National Opera
Presented by Bergen National Opera in collaboration with Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and Edvard Grieg Choirs

Selected dates

09/03 Saturday 18.00
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11/03 Monday 19.00
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14/03 Thursday 19.00
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15/03 Friday 19.00
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