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Playing period

13 - 19. March



Playing time

2 hours 20 minutes incl. break


Kr 200 - 750

Mozart’s last opera holds some of his most extraordinary and emotional music.


Mozart’s beautiful last opera is set in Rome, and explores the appalling jealousies, ambitions and desperate love affairs during the reign of the emperor Tito. Rome burns, and Sesto, a young man driven by obsessive love for Vitellia the would-be empress, is accused of the crime. But Tito decides on mercy rather than the exercise of power.

The opera has profound relevance to current times, and its miraculous music tells a powerful story. Director Rodula Gaitanou explains:

La Clemenza di Tito could not be more pertinent: Who is the leader we want to have in times of crisis? Does power bring people together or isolate? Can we forgive without forgetting?

All these questions seemed relevant a year ago when we were in rehearsals to bring to life Mozart's masterpiece. But now, after a pandemic has caused chaos, loss, and change, it seems that the contemporary parallels we can draw are striking.

We are determined to connect with you, to bring this piece to you, to make art for you. The show is not going to be what we had envisaged initially. The production has been re-thought and redesigned to be able to accommodate safety protocols. It's an abstract rendition of the essence of the piece. It's the naked version of it. Deprived of a specific world, the drama focuses on isolation and broken relationships in both the private and public realms, on all of us humans being on the edge of a personal apocalyptic moment.

Mozart's work is inspiring. There is light at the end of the tunnel, there is hope both in humanity and in the spirit of community. All of us together, we break and we build again, we persevere and survive, we love in isolation and we come together in creation. We celebrate humanity and we look forward to joyful communions. Soon, together.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Music
Caterino Mazzolà, based on Pietro Metastasio / Libretto

Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
Edvard Grieg Choir and guests

A new production by Bergen National Opera

Presented by Bergen National Opera in collaboration with Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and Edvard Grieg Kor

Photo: Monika Kolstad

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15/03 Monday 19.00
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17/03 Wednesday 19.00
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19/03 Friday 19.00
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