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Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel

Playing period

22. October - 03. November



Playing time

1 h 20 m


150 - 300 kr

A new version of Humperdincks well-known opera.

BNO creates a fantastical new version of Humperdinck ́s famous opera for five wonderful young singers, which will tour to small venues throughout Hordaland and Rogaland.

With all kinds of innovative visual effects and virtuosic piano accompaniment, expect an exciting evening as we follow Hansel and Gretel into a forest full of unexpected hazards, including a thoroughly spooky witch!

Video animation by Siren Halvorsen og Fredrik Rysjedal.

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James Bonas Nett

James Bonas


Tom Paris Nett

Tom Paris

Set and costume designer

Ingunn Kilen Nett

Ingunn Kilen

The mother and the witch

Hilde Annine Nett

Hilde Annine Hasselberg

Jon Blund and Duggfe

Selected dates

22/10 Sunday 15.00
Os Play ended
Play ended
24/10 Tuesday 19.00
Førde Play ended
Play ended
26/10 Thursday 18.00
Voss Kulturhus Play ended
Play ended
27/10 Friday 18.00
Fana Kulturhus Play ended
Play ended
31/10 Tuesday 19.30
Sola Play ended
Play ended
01/11 Wednesday 18.00
Bryne Play ended
Play ended
02/11 Thursday 18.00
Leirvik Play ended
Play ended
03/11 Friday 18.00
Husnes Play ended
Play ended